AMLO Proposes a Five-Year Global Truce to Work for Development

AMLO Proposes a Five-Year Global Truce to Work for Development

On Thursday, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) proposed a five-year truce to the international community to avoid military and economic wars.


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«Our country’s stance is that wars and armed confrontations do not exist and agreements be sought through dialogue. Nations can agree on a truce of at least five years to be able to face the crisis affecting the peoples. A truce that ends war, confrontation, and provocations,» he said.

When questioned about the Mexican position on the China-Taiwan issue, Lopez Obrador said that dialogue must be privileged over confrontation and called for a halt to trade wars among countries, using the United Nations as a mechanism to monitor commitments.

«Let things stay as they are, once the fighting stops, especially the war between Russia and Ukraine,» he said, calling for «not to bet on trade war because it affects us all.»

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This makes perfect sense, because the CIA has long used the media as a weapon of information warfare, spreading fake news to justify US wars

I documented many:

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July 31, 2022

Within the framework of this five-year truce, the governments of the world could promote productive activities, create jobs, serve the poor, and cooperate for development, AMLO said.

«NO to provocations, NO to war. We do not want hegemonies in the world. It is not too much to ask the United States, Russia, and China to accept this proposal, which could be raised in the United Nations. No government can and should act irresponsibly,» the Mexican leader said.

«It’s not about good guys and bad guys… It’s about putting the interests of the people above the interests of governments and economic groups. Although this seems utopian, this is what is needed. Not the other way around.»

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October 11, 2016

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