Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC is recognized by Continental Who’s Who

DALLAS, Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top…

DALLAS, Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Health, Longevity, and Human Performance Optimization Physician for his outstanding contributions in the field of Longevity Medicine. «Gladden Longevity» is devoted to the Optimization of Health, Longevity, and Human Performance. Offices are located in Dallas, Texas.         

Dr. Gladden brings over 25 years of professional excellence as an Interventional Cardiologist. He started his own cardiology group and grew it to ten offices and a dozen cardiologists. In addition, he co-founded the Baylor Scott and White Heart Hospital in Plano, as well as several Cardiac Catherization programs at hospitals surrounding Dallas. He is also involved in several medical startups and is currently active on two of their boards.

After treating thousands of patients for cardiovascular disease, he realized he had been practicing Sick Care and not Health Care. After getting sick in his 50s and being told he was just getting older, he realized the limitations of traditional allopathic medicine. He chose to refocus, initially on heart attack and stroke prevention rather than intervening late in the course of the disease as he had previously been trained to do. His success in turning back his own functional clock such that he was feeling better and performing better than ever, led him to ask bigger questions of himself and medicine, i.e.

How Good Can We Be?

How Do We Make 100 the New 30?

Can We Crack the Code on Living Well and Healthy Beyond 120?

In his current capacity, Dr. Gladden serves as the Founder and Visionary at The Gladden Medical Clinic and Research Center for Health, Longevity, and Human Performance Optimization. Simply known as Gladden Longevity.  He is passionately devoted to answering these questions for each client. The approach at Gladden Longevity begins with extremely comprehensive testing and leads to actionable information that enables clients to transform their health and performance levels.This approach works whether they are baby boomers, young athletes, or elite athletes, looking to turn back the functional clock and recapture or exceed performance levels they enjoyed earlier in their life. Dr. Gladden continues to discover new innovative ways to optimize your health, longevity, and performance levels. Dr. Gladden and his expert team utilize the latest technologies, tools, diagnostics and therapeutics to offer an ever-evolving comprehensive life-changing program.

To begin with, Dr. Gladden and his expert team work closely with you to examine 36 areas critical to health, longevity, and performance optimization. Starting with a deep dive into your underlying Genetic, Physiologic, Biochemical, and Psychological makeup. In addition, they assess 16 interrelated levers that comprise what they refer to as the «circle of longevity.» They have discovered that pulling the 16 interrelated levers in the right sequence, with the right frequency, intensity, and duration is critical to synchronize the body’s ability to heal and rejuvenate. Dr. Gladden engages with clients on an annualized, multi-year partnership to optimize your health and performance «assets» and minimize your «liabilities.»

A 1982 graduate of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University, Dr. Gladden excelled academically. He went on to complete his residency and internship in internal medicine at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, followed by his fellowship training in interventional cardiology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

A distinguished Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Gladden continues to remain active in his field. He maintains active memberships with several organizations, including the American Heart Association, A4M, AMMG, the Dallas County Medical Society, and the Texas Medical Association. Utilizing the Gladden Longevity approach, Dr. Gladden is better than ever. Based on his test results he this 67-year-old claims to be «34». He continues to be an avid Heli and Snow Cat Snowboarder, Cross Country Mountain Biker, Runner, Standup Paddle and Body Surfer, Guitar player, Game Player, and describes himself as an Athletic Nerd with a passion for Optimizing our ability to Experience Life Fully for years and decades to come. He continues to explore and push the limits of the human aging complex. He is also a proud father of three, with one grandson with a granddaughter on the way!  

Contact: Katherine Green, 516-825-5634,

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