NED Is a Tool of US Foreign Policy for Subversion: Cuban Expert

NED Is a Tool of US Foreign Policy for Subversion: Cuban Expert

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is a tool of the U.S. foreign policy, said Luis Rene Fernandez, academic at the University of Havana.


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«The U.S. governments use the NED to subvert the political order of sovereign countries, interfering in their internal affairs,» Fernandez stressed. 

The NED has worked as a facade of the U.S. government’s real interests, either providing training or funding to subversive organizations, said Fernandez, former senior researcher at Cuba’s Center for Hemispheric and U.S. Studies.

Created in 1983, the NED collects private and state funding to support the U.S.-led ‘regime change’ policy across the world. In Cuba, the NED has aligned with a six-decade U.S. blockade embargo, aiming to undermine the pillars of the political system in the Caribbean nation.

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–How the Cold War CIA operations undermining foreign governments were transformed into the public-private mechanism labeled as an “NGO,”

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May 8, 2022

«The U.S. government has provided the NED with funding and support to alter the constitutional order in Cuba,» Fernandez recalled, adding that the NED has also acted behind many coups in Latin America and the so-called «color revolutions» in Europe and Africa.

«The U.S. government lies when describing the NED as a platform for the defense of democracy and human rights worldwide. Through NGOs and other organizations, the NED masks the U.S. government programs to seize democratically elected governments,» the Cuban researched said.

The U.S. administration had not shown transparency about the real purposes of the NED, Fernandez said, adding «the U.S. foreign policy is guided by a lack of sincerity.»

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February 3, 2022

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