Toro Leon Consulting, a Strategic Communications, Media and NFT Agency Firm Based in Puerto Rico Has Assembled The (Official) NFT Advisory Board

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The NFT Advisory Board will serve to provide media outlets with access…

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The NFT Advisory Board will serve to provide media outlets with access to leaders, innovators and exceptional artists within the NFT arena who will be sought to provide their expert opinions on topics such as but not limited to:

  • Creative Digital Art
  • Block Chain Technology
  • Crypto Currencies / Tokens
  • 21st Century Economy
  • Niche services catering to the NFT eco system and more

Distinguished members of the NFT Advisory Board are revered as authorities within varied topics pertaining to NFTs.

The NFT Advisory Board will serve as a bridge that will receive media requests or invitations to have expert opinions on varied topics related to the NFT eco system / arena.

Media requests will be forwarded the best matching NFT Advisory Board members, whereby referrals will be made to specific NFT Advisory Board members to inquire if the board member or members will be interested to serve as a guest speaker, panelist or pundit on a topic or topics related to NFTs. 

There is NO cost at this time to join the advisory board; however, seats are limited and selective to leaders, innovators and exceptional artists.

APPLY online at NFTAB.ORG 

Membership to NFTAB is by member to prospective member invitation as well as applying for a membership with a qualified background as (1) Companies & Firms (2) Executives (3) Project Developers (4) NFT Eco System (those who are not categorized for example Bloggers or Information Publishers (5) Artists (6) Economists and (7) Collectors, Art Brokers, and Auctions.

A list of NFT Advisory Board Members will be released on May 7 2022 that will constitute the inaugural body of NFT Advisory Board members. The list will be accessible at the NFTAB.Org web site.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: NFTAB members do not represent NFTAB as an organization that persuades the general public to purchase or sell a NFT or NFTs. NFT Advisory Board members will be granted permission to use their title as a NFT Advisor and or the NFTAB official logo, only when they are invited through the NFTAB and being solicited for an expert opinion by media outlets that include but not limited to: Talk Shows, Television News, Podcasts, Magazines, YouTube Video Sessions, Expos and Symposiums. 

Open enrollment is subject to close at any time.

Toro Leon Consulting will always curate, manage, document and release member’s public speaking(s).

Media Contact

Mauricio De Luca Montana


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