Venezuelans March Against US Sanctions

Venezuelans March Against US Sanctions

On Monday, the town of Petare in the state of Miranda was the scene of a massive march in support of President Nicolas Maduro and in rejection of the U.S. sanctions against Venezuela.


Sanctions Seek to Thwart an Alternative Model: President Maduro

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and Miranda Governor Hector Rodriguez led a march through which the population demonstrated its determination to defend Venezuelan sovereignty.

«Today, the people of Petare took to the streets against the criminal blockade. We told Biden: Lift the blockade now!» Rodriguez said, urging the population not to be deceived by the oligarchy that seeks to bury the legacy of Commander Hugo Chavez in oblivion.

«They will never see President Maduro kneeling before the Yankees. He has confronted the empire because the Venezuelan people deserve respect,» Rodriguez stressed.

Acompañamos al pueblo de Petare a alzar su voz contra el bloqueo criminal y en respaldo al Pdte. @NicolasMaduro rumbo a este 28J.

¡No habrá Imperio que pueda con la voluntad de este pueblo heroico decidido a preservar su autodeterminación y labrar su propio futuro en paz!

— Delcy Rodríguez (@delcyrodriguezv)
May 14, 2024

The text reads, «We accompany the people of Petare to raise their voices against the criminal blockade and in support of President Nicolas Maduro towards the elections of July 28. There will be no empire that can with the will of this heroic people, who are determined to preserve their self-determination and carve out their own future in peace!»

The Bolivarian Vice President also reminded that the Venezuelan extreme right has a contradictory attitude because while they ask for votes from the population, they also request new sanctions against Venezuela from Washington.

Rodriguez assured that Venezuela is developing a participatory democracy in which the population is permanently consulted and can present their own development projects.

“Let’s defeat the stateless people who want to hand over Venezuela to the empire. Let’s allow Venezuela to continue on the path towards social and economic well-being,” she said.

#INVIDEO | U.S. denounced for covert operations against Venezuela

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish)
May 10, 2024

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